Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Blank Slate Cody Toye

Cody Toye
 I image this has happened to most writers. The glow of the computer screen keeps you company as you stare dully at the blank slate that is supposed to be your newest work. I know I have spent many hours wondering why my fingers won’t quite move like they need to. How do you get over this? There are many tactics I have tried. First I try to force it out, just to end up erasing every last word I have typed. Next I have tried writing at a different time of day, hoping to void myself of any distractions. It was then that I realized that having the internet is a distraction upon itself. I instead found myself on Facebook or checking my emails. Yep…the screen stayed blank!
Finally, It came to me. I am trying too hard. When you try and force it out the cramp of writer’s block becomes crippling. When I wrote the first installment of Intangible, it came in a flood of creativity and was written in one day. The first Dribbles the Squirrel was a one day project as well. Though I am not lucky enough to have all my projects come in one day, I found that planning them to death will keep me from delving into the moment as needed.
The spontaneous nature most writers enjoy is the fruit we bare. I found myself coming up with ideas at the strangest times. Riding in the car, at work, and even while at an important meeting I would find wonderful visions dancing in my head. This is when I am at my best. When I stop what I am doing and jot something down on a piece of scrap paper, there is a good chance it will become another story. Writers block happens to us all, my only strategy is to ignore it and let it come. We can’t win them all, but time will provide inspiration.

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