Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cody Toye in The Author's Spotlight

Going to that link you will be brought to a spot that has five different titles, each of them fun, different, and even in varied age groupings.
Dribbles the Squirrel is a pretty interesting series that Cody has begun to roll with. It is way deeper than the cover and deserves attention. The story itself is very intriguing and captivating, revolving around job loss and how the main character copes with it.
The Intangibles is a new series he has started and is very dark and violent, a complete 180 from anything he has done.
To finish out the mix he has a children’s story book and a YA sci-fi offering. For me ,having read each piece and also having had the chance to interview him on my blogtalk radio show, getting to understand the layers not just of his work but the man himself has been a fun journey. Cody takes what he does very seriously and has some very strong ideas and stories to come. His multi-genre writing ability is a definite win for us readers. Are you up for some diversity? Check out Cody Toye, there is a little something for everyone

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