Monday, June 20, 2011

Readers Revolt, Raise Your Voice, and Say I am not Going to Take it Anymore! by Giovanni Gelati

Hey, how is it going? What is my issue? What is the source of my angst? Why am I really royally ticked off right now?  I have a few issues with the state of “Traditional Publishing”, or as some refer to them “The Big Six”. Let me expand and explain if you can follow along with me. As a blogger I am fortunate, and I mean this sincerely, to be contacted by authors, publicists, etc. to review novels. I am happy to do this, because let’s face it, it is fun and who doesn’t like a good read?
The problem I am having is that the quality of what I am receiving has taken a major nose dive. Instead of a nice challenging read, a read that has some guts, takes chances, keeps me on my toes time and time again, I am getting more often than not, a read that seems to have been percolated down through a dirty coffee filter that is weak and has had all the taste filtered right out of it. Using a word like cookie cutter doesn’t seem like the right thing to say. It is like they want to keep using the same tea bag to get the same flavor, over and over again, but the only thing that gets produced is not just the same old but weaker with no flavor at all.
Valid point? I think so or I wouldn’t be trying to waste your time trying to follow along with me. What is my solution? Where am I going for my fun and intense reads?  What is my secret source of great reading material? Here we go people I hope you are sitting down; I don’t want you to faint and get hurt: I am looking more and more to the “Indie Publishers” the love it or hate ‘em “Self-Published” authors. Why, why would I want an inferior product as some think and say? Really why? I mean I think I am a well-read person, someone that has read a pretty good depth and breadth of novels.
I am enjoying those hungry authors, those that want to be heard, that want my input, that look to me the reader for my thoughts and feelings on their hard work and time. They want to know how they can be better at their dreams and their craft. They want that interaction with, nay I say, they demand it. We the readers are now in charge of our own destiny; we are the gatekeepers. The publicists that think they are superior to us and we are but cannon fodder for them are almost a moot point, a dinosaur waiting to be made into gasoline, an unnecessary appendage like a pinky toe or appendix. The problem they are having is that have yet to realize it; they still think they are game changers and in charge. Wake UP! Smell the toast burning.
Recently I emailed an author whose work I used to enjoy, I have read all the work that has been produced to date. The author, to my surprise, gave me a prompt reply, props, but the reply was in caps and lasted but 4 words: “CHARACTERS CHANGE AND EVOLVE!” My thought had been just the opposite, the fact the author had pretty much mailed it in lately and made the once great stable of characters buffoons. If the author had written “MY CHARACTERS HAVE DE –EVOLVED; I AM CASHING THE PAYCHECK!” ,I would have thanked the author for his honesty.
In conclusion, give me the hungry author that has an axe to grind, wants to blaze a path, makes some mistakes and wants to be called on it, an author that wants some interaction and inclusion by his or her fan base. Those are the reads I hunger for, that is what I want in my hands in the way ,shape and form that I want to read, and at a reasonable price. I am a gate keeper, I am a reader, I am proud to say that I am not just a blogger, but a blogtalk radio host, and if you really want to really stretch the fabric of reality to its breaking point, an author. 
Our Fore Fathers once said something like: “Look West young reader!” I plan on doing that; I want to be with the trailblazers, the Avant garde, those willing to test boundaries. For me that is where the fun is; that is where I will thrive, and that is where I plan to go. Join me, put some authors like Big Daddy Abel, Vincent Zandri, Matt Miller, Rose Valenta, B.R.Stateham, Joan Meijer, S.R.Edvalson, Brett Battles, Joanne Lewis, Lee Goldberg, and Thad Brown in your ereader. Put publishers like Trestle Press or Stonehouse Ink in your Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Smashword Toolbar. Live on the edge, exert your rights as a reader, and join the revolution.

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