Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sam Lang Says Hello!

This is the start?
In that case, I should thank Trestle Press for publishing Reprisal and thanks to the G-Man for putting me on his blog.
I don’t like to talk about myself, but I will tell you about Reprisal.
Making Plans, Making Memories is the first installment in the story of a dying town haunted by a Shadow. It is the introduction of our main character, Eddie, and his long-time friend Police Chief Canton. They are preparing a questionable plan to have a bus of sadistic murderers drive through their small town on what should be a routine prison transfer. Unfortunately, both the town and the nearby prison have long been home to a mysterious Shadow. I won’t give away what’s to come in future installments, but suffice to say, things do not go as planned.
Reprisal came from a dream I had. I won’t say whether I was the hero or one of the convicts in said dream. As soon as it hit the page, the town became real. I know there are plenty of stories of a younger Eddie. However, Reprisal itself grew into a trilogy that spans two hundred years of town lore. In that time, there is much to learn about the Shadow and many twisted deeds to go unpunished.
As the first story develops over several installments, I hope you feel like you’ve been put on a rack. To expand the metaphor, in the beginning you might think it is simply a place to lay down. Take a nap. But you know something is not right. After the first two installments, the cuffs go on and things start to get uncomfortable. By the time you make it to the final installment, the pressure is on and torture is in full effect.
I look forward to hearing you scream.....

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