Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Angelaique LaFontaine drops in to say HI!

So I gave my very first blog talk show interview a couple of weeks back.  If you didn’t have a chance to hear it, you can go to:

I had a lot of fun doing it but I actually learned some stuff about myself too…maybe some of you can relate to this as well. 

As artists and/or authors, there is always going to be a question asked by others, “How did you come up with that?”  I was asked that very question during my interview and I felt as though I stumbled over my answer because I never really thought about it.  I mulled over the question for a week or so after the interview and looked at some of my art and read some of my written works.  I found it kind of interesting because it would appear that my writing or art doesn’t have  a consistency to it but what I discovered is that it does. 

I could pinpoint the exact emotion I was feeling or the event that was taking place in my life to inspire each and every piece.  That is where the consistency is found.  How does that define or explain the origin from where the piece develops from?  For me, it’s that I take emotions that I feel and I personify them or attach a visual image in my mind to that emotion; whether it is a creature, a location, or a thought.  The product that is a result of that image is the painting or the story that I come up with.

In every story that I’ve ever written, there is at least one specific object or person that I describe in great detail and it’s that item that is the focal point behind the story; this allows me to create written works or visual art as an emotional extension of myself. 

So in short, my creative energy is of course a product of my emotion at the time (as is the situation with most artists/authors) but the actual artistic piece that I develop comes from a mental visual that I subconsciously attach to that emotion/event.  Good stuff!! 

Thanks everyone and have a great day!
Angelique LaFontaine

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