Friday, July 1, 2011

Counter Point Mark Miller has his Time and Two Cents

Maybe that’s a bad analogy because Giovanni Gelati is anything but dusty. I can’t imagine he sits still long enough to gather dust. This guy is one of the most outgoing, supportive and imaginative people I have ever worked with.
Like a magnet, he draws talent to him (assuming I have talent). We put together this little piece you are about to read.
Oh, sorry, I’m Mark. Mark Miller is the author of The Empyrical Tales, a fantasy-adventure series about two sisters and their life in the land of Empyrean. Empyrean is the world I created where fairytales, folktales, myths and legends from all over our world came to exist in the same place. As of this writing, the second book in the series, The Lost Queen, has been available in paperback from Comfort Publishing for little over a month. You can get more info at my site: (plus you can order autographed copies there).
So, I try not to pass up great opportunities and the G-Man’s Author’s Lab is one of those. I wedged myself in there and over the course of a few days, we wrote some fun. Being that my writing is about creating strong, positive female role models for my daughters, I kinda made Mrs. Gelati the hero this time. She usually is the one that needs to be saved.
I want to give a big Thank You to Giovanni. Thanks also to Trestle Press. And Thank You, Reader. You’re who we do this for. I hope you enjoy!

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