Thursday, July 21, 2011


NEWSFLASH:  Leona Derosa Bodie, author of the award winning “Shadow Cay” , has signed on with Trestle Press to produce a series of digital short stories. The first one to be released is entitled “COCOONED IN DARKNESS”, and it is a prequel to Shadow Cay. Here is the synopsis:
“On a bleak night, Claude’s world crumbles around him. Forced to confront his own frailties after a series of life-changing events, and compelled to make an impossible choice, Claude Pelletier flees Miami on a sailboat. He finds his past haunting him at every turn and old demons rising up to torment him.”

Leona DeRosa Bodie is an Author, Freelance Writer, Editor, here website is  . She is the author of the upcoming book “FEAR THE WHISPERS” , and the award-winning thriller “SHADOW CAY”, she is also Vice President, Florida Writers Association, Inc., and Group Leader, Palm  City Word Weavers. Trestle Press is proud to be working with her and looks forward to being a partner in her success

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