Saturday, August 13, 2011

NEWSFLASH: R.W. Doyen to release a series of novels with Trestle Press

R.W. Doyen will be releasing a series of novels with Trestle Press over the coming months:  “A Father’s Anguish” and “Green Eyes, Black Heart”.
“Green Eyes, Black Heart” will be released August 26th and “A Father’s Anguish” will be released in late September. Currently R.W. Doyen has the digital short story “Green Eyes” available at Amazon Kindle, Barnes &Nobles, and Smashwords.
Here is a R.W. Doyen’s Bio:
“R.W. Doyen graduated from the University of Maine and then from the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine in Philadelphia. For twenty-four years, he practiced podiatry in Towanda, Pennsylvania. He relocated to North Carolina, founded a sea wall construction company, and began to write about this devastating episode in his life.”
What about the novels? Here you go:
“A Father’s Anguish
The harsh realities of a world that we try to shelter our children from have a way of coming back to slap us in the face sometimes. No one knows that better that John Stratton.  John is a man who has always played by the rules; worked hard, loved his wife and adored his only daughter. Yet, when his daughter comes home battered, bruised, and raped his entire psyche is altered. John’s daughter Laura begins to mend from the ordeal but John is tormented by the anguish that has struck him to the very core. A man who has always stood on a solid moral foundation is suddenly ready to jeopardize his marriage, his business and his own character as he becomes obsessed with finding his daughter’s rapist.  His only clue to find this man is a blue nosed reindeer, but God willing it would be enough. 
            When Jason “Red” Hewitt’s corpse is discovered and the investigation leads to the identification of a serial rapist, John Stratton becomes the focus of the investigation.   Did John lower himself to a place that there may be no return from? Or is he a victim of circumstances trying to locate a rapist that someone else got to first?
            “A Father’s Anguish” is a story of rape, love, revenge, law, and murder. It is a story that draws out your deepest emotions; it is a story that was contrived after the rape of my own daughter.  With a chest full of emotion and a head full of rage, I wrote this book to relieve my  own anguish as well as open people’s eyes to the fact that bad things can happen to good people and good people can do bad things.

                                                      Green Eyes, Black Heart

     Sandra gracefully charmed her way into men’s hearts using her beauty and her brilliantly flashing green eyes. She used them both as bait to lure her victims ever closer. She used her sex like a sharply honed dagger and when her prey discovered the trap and struggled to get free, she struck with deadly consequence. The road of Sandra’s life is strewn with the corpses of those that loved her, thwarted her or simply got in her way.
The green of her eyes could never overshadow the blackness of her heart. Dr. Bemis was not taken in by her charm, nor did he fear her wrath …… it almost cost him his life.”


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