Friday, November 25, 2011

A Few of the New Trestle Press Titles Coming at You this December!

Trestle Press will be releasing a number of titles in December that will vary in genre and story size (digital short, novella, full length novel).
Here is a partial list, a snapshot of titles, to whet your appetite. Get those ereading devices ready, we have plenty of great reads ready to be downloaded to them!
Michel R. Vaillancourt- “Saunders Diaries”
Sue Mydliak-“Friday Flashes Volume 2”
Angelique LaFontaine- “The Lipstick Stain”
Carey Jane Clark- “After the Snow Falls”
Frank Duffy-“Between These Pages, These Places”
D.L. Coleman-“Killer Story”
Stuart Nager- “The World That Holds Love”
Paul D. Brazill- “Brit Grit Too” and “Drunk on the Moon Volume Seven”
Angel Zapata- ‘The Man of Shadows Volume Two”
Cecilia Robert- “Soul Collectors Series Volume Two”
Conor McVarnock-“Best Christmas Ever”
Edith Maxwell-“Speaking of Murder”
F.G. Johnson- “Peatsmoke” and “Primrose”
Hardit Singh-“Crossroads”
Jason Hughes- “Without Notice”
Joe Edd Morris- “Things I Wish Jesus Hadn’t Said”
John Blandly- “Robot Driver”
John Hansen- “The Perfect Game”
Malcolm Holt- “Crime Tyne Shots Volume One”
Ryan Jenkins- “I Sit Alone”
Paul Grzegorzek- “The Follow”
L. Vera- “The Horror Suicide Show”
JT Lewis- “Murder, Too Close to Home”    
There will be plenty of others, so please check back often here to our website:
We will be posting each weeks new releases on the website, Facebook , Twitter, and Goodreads.     

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