Monday, November 21, 2011

A Little Help Please: What makes a good Twitter Party? What are the key elements for success?

What do you think are the key elements to make this party a success?
I found some tips at a blog, , here is what it says essentially:
10 Tips for Hosting a Successful Twitter Party
Ø  Have tweets, with your hashtag prepared in advance and in the order you plan to tweet them (welcome tweets, introductions, links, giveaway pics, etc.) – make sure they are under 140 characters (less is better so people can RT). You are still “free tweeting” but you have the prepared ones ready to go so you can keep the party flowing smoothly.
Ø  Prep your team and sponsors well so everyone is in the loop!
Ø  Make sure everyone on your team knows to keep an eye on their DM’s so you all can communicate privately during the party if need be.
Ø  Have a theme for the party – think of things people are interested in (what would you want to talk about on Twitter?).
Ø  Ask an “expert” or two on your theme to be on hand to answer questions – give the experts a gift and openly praise them.
Ø  Have a post dedicated to the party with all the details regarding the party (include hosts’ twitter handles). Example here.
Ø  Tweetchat is my favorite tool during a Twitter party, but Tweet Grid and Tweetdeck also work well.
Ø  Start promoting the party a few days in advance – tweet link to party details post.
Ø  Give a prize away every 10 minutes for duration of the party.
Ø  Engage with people and HAVE FUN!
If you can , send me your suggestions,, or just comment on this post where you find it. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. I think a theme or question is essential. Every Thursday evening I take part in ukedchat where the host for the evening sets the topic which is usually chosen by way of a vote using one of those on-line surveys that are so easy to set up.

    Remind everybody to use the hashtag when they comment and to open a search with this hashtag as this is the best way to follow and respond to the chat.