Saturday, November 12, 2011

Party over here, Party over there,…What the H#@* is a Twitter Party?

I mean if you are going to tweet, do it well, or do it not at all. Why have a Twitter party, what is the advantage or advantages? Why communicate in such a manner and in such so few characters? The answers, my friends are not really apparent. The results though are measurable. The Trestle twitter account increased by 15% in less than a half hour, and those that followed were not Facebook friends. Interesting or is it not?
Here is a little something I found on the subject in an article, ( ), that has some good info in it:
“A Twitter Party is an online event sponsored by your brand that you can use to meet your customers, announce a service, launch a product, or simply get people talking. You pick the time, the hashtag, and people bring into the conversation. Brands love them because they’re cheap, easy to put together and they have the potential to generate hundreds (if not thousands) of tweets about your brand in just a couple of hours. Customers love them because they’re non-intimidating, fun, and they can attend your party without putting on pants. A few years ago you would have held a Meet-N-Greet at your store front. Now, you hold a Twitter Party.”
Please join us as many of our authors will be in attendance, get the scoop on some new releases, win a few things, and have some fun. Here are the dates and times:
November 22, 4Pm EST
December 6, 4 pm EST
December  20, 4pm EST
December  26, 4pm EST
Just get us at TrestlePress on twitter. Join us for the fun, see you then.

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  1. Cool idea, I should be able to make at least one of these! I'll try and remember to tweet it too.