Saturday, December 17, 2011

George Michael Loughmueller,author of "An Amish Journey-Set Free-Volume 1-Coming Home", Guest Post

My name is George, but for the moment please allow me to be frank.
Two things up front: I’m not a writer and I’m not a web surfer.
When I say I’m not a writer, I mean I didn’t plan to be. I have a good life and a wonderful family. My friends all say I tell good stories and a few of them pushed me to writing them down. See, there’s this publisher called Trestle Press and they are making waves, becoming known. So my friend says send that story to them. I did and here we are.
Point number two: I don’t use the internet...much. Sure, I’ve been on the web. I’ve had my free trial of Netflix. By the by, I prefer going into the local mom and pop store. There is something soothing about browsing the shelves, especially when I’m the only one in there. Aside from that, I see why they call it a web. I felt like I got stuck. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a brilliant guide named Giovanni to fumigate the spiders and cut through all the webs. Now, I’m on Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon and so many other sites.
So those two things combine. Now I have a series. It’s fiction, but the inspiration is from things in my life and based on some things my grandpa did. My dad sure thought he was crazy, which probably pushed him away from grandpa’s beliefs. When you’re a teenager, I guess you know everything. I wish I could remember half the stuff I knew back then. Anyway, I decided to show my dad and become more religious than he ever was. In his last years, we got along well though. He told me a lot about my grandpa. My aim is to turn those stories into something entertaining for you.
I hope you enjoy them and maybe they will strengthen your spirit too!
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