Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Believe In Magic- Mark Miller

I believe in magic.
I believe in fairy tales, myths, ghosts and all sorts of things. My wife says I’m her fifth child, but I say what fun is life without some make believe? That’s why I have so much fun over the holidays – all the magic! Starting with Halloween all the way through New Year’s, I dive into the magic and play right along with my children.
I wanted to share that excitement with my readers, so I have written a little holiday treat. I have grown quite attached to the characters in my novels, The Empyrical Tales. I like to see what they are up to in between the big stories. I figure they must celebrate Christmas, since I do.
I found out that they have a different holiday. It’s called Queen’s Day. There’s more to it, but the short version is that a bearded man with magical abilities delivers presents once a year. I know, that sounds like Christmas, but it’s not. It’s Queen’s Day!

I would like to start a tradition and Trestle Press has been kind enough to help me with it. Every Christmas, I am going to start writing the Stories of Queen’s Day. Seems like those two holidays will go good together, wouldn’t you say?
When you read this post, the story may already be available. You know the drill, put “Trestle Press” in your Amazon toolbar, or come to and I will put up a link as soon as it’s ready – kind of like waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven.
If you haven’t seen them, my novels, The Fourth Queen and The Lost Queen, are available in paperback and also Nook. They will soon be on Kindle too! The Stories of Queen’s Day are only available on Kindle or Nook and for an amazing bargain of ONLY 99 Cents! This is a great opportunity to visit your favorite characters before they return this June in The Secret Queen from Comfort Publishing.
Also, while I have your attention, please check out some of my other Trestle Press titles. I have a young reader series called Small World Global Protection Agency. It’s about two elementary school kids that become international spies. There’s adventure and humor, but also some learning going on. This one is also great to keep parents involved with their young readers because each issue has questions about the story. My other new series is called Sons of the King. It is intergalactic fantasy with some Christian-influenced themes, but the special thing is that I am writing it with my nine year old daughter!
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