Monday, December 5, 2011

New Releases from Trestle Press!

Over the weekend Trestle Press released 15 new titles. You can find them on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. Just press on either button to the left and the right of this post here on our website and you can go right to our pages on both and fill those hungry ereaders. Here is the list of new releases:
“A Mike Dalmas Story-Color of Blood- Volume 3”-Jochem Vandersteen
“Wicked Little Lies-Volume 2”- Tanya Contois
“The Man of Shadows- Volume 2”- Angel Zapata
“Peat Smoke & Primroses” – F.G. Johnson
“Crossroads” –Hardit Singh
“The Perfect Game”- John Hansen
“Crime Tyne Shots- Volume 1”-Malcolm Holt
“I Sit Alone”- Ryan Jenkins
“Burnout- A Tracey Greene Mystery”- J.E. Seymour
“Undercover Lies” –Stephen H. King
“Drunk on The Moon-It’s A Curse- Volume 7” –K.A. Laity and Paul D. BRazill
“With A Little Help From My Friends” –Elizabeth Fleming with the support of Nigel Bird
“Small World Protection Agency-Australia- Down Under Thunder- Volume 2”-Mark Miller
“How I Met Your Mother- Picture Perfect- Volume 4”- Mark Cooper
“The Lipstick Stain”- Angelique LaFontaine

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