Thursday, December 29, 2011

Whit Howland poses the question: "Glen or Glenda"

Glen Or Glenda

Plan 9 From Outer Space is what immediately comes to mind when people think of Ed Wood. To paraphrase Johnny Depp, who played him in the biopic Ed Wood ‘This is the one I’m going to be remembered for.’ And he should be. It is a Z movie classic, and with this one, Ed was at the top of his game. Even with all its continuity problems and poor dialogue, it was his tightest script.
But to know Ed Wood is to intimately familiarize yourself with his first feature film Glen Or Glenda.
Glen or Glenda was Wood’s first movie effort. It is 60 minutes long and deals with two stories. One is about a transvestite who is afraid to tell his fiancĂ© about his secret desires. The other is about a pseudo hermaphrodite who gets the sex change operation.
The stories are narrated by a Dr. Alton and the other is narrated by a mad scientist character played by Bela Lugosi. Pull Zee Strings!

Glen or Glenda is one of the wackiest movies you will ever see. I believe directors like David Lynch and Tim Burton have borrowed heavily from this little piece of trash cinema.
I know I think about it every time I sit down and write something. It is what mine or any other artist’s journal would look like if it were put to film. There are some absurdist moments and some twisted and dark moments. And some parts just should have been left on the cutting room floor.
This flick should be in every artist’s DVD collection.

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