Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Releases by Trestle Press authors

Drunk on The Moon-Volume 8- Blood and Alcohol- by Paul D. Brazill and Frank Duffy
A cold blooded killer. A mysterious man with a past cloaked in shadows. Dark, delirious dreams of strange worlds. Frank Duffy's Blood and Alcohol is P I Roman Dalton's most haunting story yet. Paul D. Brazill's genre bending Drunk On The Moon series continues to break boundaries with this intense and lyrical tale.
Spinetingler Award nominee Paul D Brazill has had stories in loads of classy print and electronic magazines and anthologies, such as A Twist Of Noir, Beat To A Pulp, Crime Factory, Dark Valentine, Deadly Treats, Dirty Noir, Needle, Powder Burn Flash, Thrillers, Killers n Chillers, Noir Nation, Pulp Ink, Pulp Pusher, Radgepacket Volumes Four and Five, Shotgun Honey& The Mammoth Book Of Best British Crime Volume 8

Karen Anna Vogel- Amish Knitting Circle-Volume 7- Beauty For Ashes
Another Trestle Press Digital Short Story Series:
Amish Knitting Circle is a continuing short story series about 6 women. Granny Weaver started the circle when she saw her wool was stronger when spun into yarn. So she starts a knitting circle, believing the women will be stronger as they face life together.
Volume 7 ~ Beauty for Ashes
It’s the end of January in Smicksburg, PA. Granny Weaver and her knitting circle are meditating on the scripture; He gives us beauty for ashes... (Isaiah 61:3)
~ Maryann is battling breast cancer.
~ Lizzie is starting to heal from a traumatic assault that happened eleven years ago.
~ Ruth has let Luke back home, but has little hope of having a good marriage.
~ Ella and Zach are so sleep deprived that marital bliss seems to have blown away with the January winds.
But Fannie’s smile is so warm it can melt the North Pole, because she has a wunderbar gut secret.

Alexandrea Weis-The NOLA Series-Volume 3-Eyes on Tomorrow
Harry Elliot is a man who has his sights firmly planted on the future. Whether with horoscopes or psychics, tarot cards or crystal balls, Harry is always looking ahead. But someone else is also keeping an eye on Harry, and soon his dull existence is about to heat up. When Harry encounters a little man named Min, who professes to know everything about his future, Harry is ready to hand over all he possesses in order to be able to hear what lies ahead for him. But Harry Elliot is about to learn what kind of dangers may come from always keeping your eyes on tomorrow.

Whit Howland- The Cain Series-Volume 2-Another Town, Another Torch
Cain, an outlaw, rescues Sarah, a beautiful woman being chased by a posse and then gets tangled up in a robbery with her and her abusive con man husband. Gun play and double crosses abound in this strange multi-layered western.

Julia Madeleine- The Devil's Music-Volume 3- When You're A Stranger
Sadie, the shape-shifting time travelling daughter of the Devil, has come calling on her next rock and roll God to join her collection in The 27 Club. It’s Paris 1971 and Sadie is after a special poet, writer, filmmaker, and lead singer in one of the greatest rock bands the world has ever seen, whose contract with her has expired. Jimmy isn’t like the others, his death wish is a guarantee he won’t put up a fight. But it might not be as easy to collect the soul of this bad boy as Sadie expects when Jimmy’s girlfriend tries to thwart her plans to take Mr. Mojo Risin’ back with her to hell.

Julia Madeleine’s third installment of ‘The Devil’s Music’ is her best yet. Sadie, the devil’s daughter, once more weighed down by her darkly passionate pursuit of rock’s kings and queens, those young vibrant and melancholic musical geniuses strung out on the very edge of premature death, waiting to be immortalized as they swan dive into hell’s bottomless reaches, perpetual and eternal glory awaiting them at her fingertips.

This time it’s Jim Morrison, the most peculiar of all of Sadie’s contracts, a young man in love with death, willing to go any time, weary of living, and terribly burdened by the endless iconographic platitudes heaped upon him at such an early age.

Malcolm Holt-Crime Tyne Shots-Volume 3- Sinkhole
Ronnie Spencer watches as a fire rages through his family’s scrap metal yard. He knows that he has enemies and believes that the fire was deliberate. However, Ronnie has far more to worry him than a few car wrecks being set alight. The safe in his office contains evidence connecting him to his missing father. When he later discovers that the safe is empty, Ronnie realises that someone very close to him poses a real threat and must be dealt with quickly.

David L. Hoof- Just Machines
Set not too far in the future, a legal system hopelessly overwhelmed by caseloads looks to computers to avoid the classic problem of justice delayed becoming justice denied. Under this system, there are no judges or juries, just machines implanted in the benches where judges used to sit. Now the law is reduced to lines of codes and mandatory sentences, the rulings swift and irreversible. In such a system it is helpful to have a former NSA programmer on your staff, especially if your client is a real scoundrel, an investment advisor who makes Bernie Madoff look like a lotto payoff. As often when humans write programs, there are holes and loopholes, too. It’s all a matter of knowing when to file, before someone patches the error. But to an idealistic young man, the scoundrel’s trophy wife is just a bit too tempting. And if he is paid handsomely for keeping this momzer free, it seems only right that he should be punished, and terminally, by some other means. Even the defendant’s wife agrees, because, after all, the pre-nup ensures that she’ll get nothing out of a divorce. Perhaps machines can manage the mechanics of law ineffably, but real justice, well that’s often a very human, and terribly personal, concept.

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