Monday, January 23, 2012

New Releases from Trestle Press!

Mark Cooper-"How I Meet Your Mother-Volume 5- Shattered Glass"
Andrew and Leah Hargreaves have faced many trying times in their marriage, ranging from the trials and tribulations of raising twins to dealing with international terrorists. However, what if things had been different? What if their roles had been skewed and things had played out differently? How I Met Your Mother: Shattered Glass takes a peak into just that sort of murky scenario...and shows us just how things could have been in a universe just next door.
Mark Cooper is a 37 year old civil servant, father of three and life-long lover of the strange and bizarre. When he isn’t trying to understand the greater mysteries of the universe or how to synch his iPod to his laptop he can be found in various comic book stores in the central regions of England spending money his wife doesn’t know about.

A.G. Wedgeworth-"My Son's Presence"
This emotional love story is laced with paranormal threads that tug at your heart.
15 years of separation between Charles and his son, David, was caused by a disagreement over a career choice that Charles couldn’t live with. After David’s mother passed away, he had dropped out of college and thrown away a successful career opportunity in order to follow his own dream. Charles never forgave his son and waited for David to fail and return home with his tail between his legs. However, 15 years went by before he heard from his son again with a hand written invitation to meet for coffee, but what Charles found at the café was anything but what he had expected.

Charles shows up at a café to meet his son after 15 years of no communication. They had fought about David’s plan to drop out of college after his mother, and Charles’ wife, passed away from cancer. The father and son hadn’t spoken to since the argument and Charles’ nerves were high as he waited for his son to show up. A young waitress calmed his nerves before handing him a newspaper with the obituaries exposed, showing David had just died from a car accident. Charles had missed his opportunity to work things out between them.

E.E. King-"Eddy Evers Electric Detective Agency"
Eddy Evers, Electric Detective has been struck by lightning twice. It gives him the ability to speak to electricity. He is an electric detective. These are two of his cases
E.E. King has performed internationally in theater, comedy and dance. She is the recipient of various international painting, writing and biology fellowships but is too modest to mention them here.

She has published two novels, and numerous short stories. Her murals can be seen in Downtown Los Angeles and Cuenca, Spain. She’s worked with children in Bosnia, crocodiles in Mexico, frogs in Puerto Rico, egrets in Bali, mushrooms in Montana and archeologists in Spain.

She is currently planting butterfly gardens with children in South Central Los Angeles. The butterflies wish she had chosen a different location. She is the founding Art & Science Director of Esparanza Community Housing Corporation where she has worked for 15 years.

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