Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Coming Soon: Gil Zanni "Deceitful Things"

Boston Massachusetts. When three ordinary people are granted supernatural abilities, they find themselves in a world that is darker than anything they could have possibly imagined.

Carter Dawson, who has spent the majority of his years chasing wealth and power, begins to catch glimpses of horrifying images all around him. Feeling that he is going mad, he seeks medical council and finds that whatever ails him is not due to any known medical condition. All he knows for sure is that he is falling in love with his secretary, Rebekah Branton, a Christian woman who would only serve to distract him from his life objectives.

Rebekah’s brother, Jack “Bear” Branton is a Boston Homicide detective on the trail of the fabled serial killer, the DHK (Devil’s Hand Killer.) As he closes on the satanic madman, Bear begins to feel unique changes in his body chemistry. As the days pass, he recognizes that his speed, strength and endurance surpass that of any professional athlete and are at the very least unnatural.

As their worlds are turned upside down, a host of angels stands between them and a horde of Deceitful Things from the pit of hell poised to steal their destinies and take possession of their fates.

G.A. Zanni resides in Johnston, RI with his wife, Caroline of 10 years, his children, Veronica (9) Gabriel (5) and Olivia (2). He served four years in the United States Marine Corps from 1996-2000 and drew on his experiences abroad to write The Possession of Men series. Currently, he is working on multiple projects and has a deep passion for writing and enjoys sharing his inner most thoughts and stories with others.

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