Monday, February 27, 2012

Coming Soon!

Here is a partial list of new titles coming out this week from Trestle Press authors:
Marv Mercer-“A Contract to Kill For”
Gil Zanni- “Deceitful Things”
Alan Zendell- “A Boy and His Dog- An Unfinished Love Story”
David L. Hoof- “That’s One Step For…”
Tanya Contois-“Wicked Little Lies-Volume 4”
De Miller- “The Amish Accounts-Volume 1- Secrets”
Ryan Jenkins- “I Sit Alone-Volume 2- Running Away From 30”
William Tooker- Slouching Toward Bethlehem-Volume 5- The Cradle of Thy Jaws”
Sam Lang- Severed- Volume 3- True Faith

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