Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Release! Marv Mercer "A Contract To Kill For"

Three murders and two attempts on his life was not what USAF investigator, Major Charlie Snider bargained for when he was dispatched to the island of Taiwan to investigate alleged irregularities in the Air Force’s Taiwan Contracting Center.
This is a novel of conspiracy, bribery and murder in the quest for lucrative United States Air Force contracts on Taiwan: The big bonanza, a $40 million, five year contract.
While Major Snider is en route to Taiwan, the commander of the Contract Center which he is to investigate is killed in an automobile accident; apparently from driving drunk. The problem: the deceased commander was a devout Mormon whose religion prohibits consuming alcohol spirits of any kind.
In order to facilitate his investigation without revealing it to those in the Center and the four Air Force bases the Center supports, Major Snider is assigned to succeed the dead commander. While in this position he gets embroiled in bribery and murder, including two attempts on his own life in his quest for the truth.
The author, a retired Air Force Colonel, spent two assignments in Taiwan, both in the contracting field. There he dealt with its people: civilian, military and government. He gained an enormous appreciation for the people and an insight into their customs, practices and politics. His novel is based on an authentic description of military contracting and Taiwan of the Vietnam era. His first novel, Yearning to Breathe Free, a story which follows the student leader of the Tiananmen protest as he made his circuitously escape from mainland China to Taiwan, was published in 2007.

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