Saturday, February 11, 2012

New Release:Amazon #1 Best -Selling Author Karen Anna Vogel's-"Amish Knitting Circle-Volume 9-Spun Together"

Amish Knitting Circle is a continuing short story series about six women. Granny Weaver started the circle when she saw her wool was stronger when spun into yarn. So she starts a knitting circle, believing the women will be stronger as they face life together.
Volume 9 ~ Spun Together
It’s March now in Smicksburg, PA, and three weeks until Easter. The women in the knitting circle know unity among church member must exist before this holy day, when they partake of communion and wash each other’s feet. But emotions are running high…
~Ruth sees reconciliation dinners all around her, while she eats daily with Luke, struggling to forgive.
~Granny feels sick when her grandson is taken with Lavina, while Jeb encourages the match.
~Fannie’s planning her wedding, but Melvin tells her news that will change everything.
~Roman and Lizzie go kite flying and find their love soaring. Will their hopes crash, just like their kite?
~Ella’s finds her heart anxious when the mother of her twins moves to Smicksburg and is welcomed into her church.
This is the next to the last episode of the Amish Knitting Circle. All loose ends will be tied up in Volume 10; that will be out soon.

A trusted English friend among many Amish in Western PA, and NY, I want to share with you about these wonderful people I admire.
Amish Knitting Circle was birthed when Trestle Press asked Suzanne Woods Fisher to write an Amish serial, and she referred them to me. Thank you Suzanne! I LOVE Trestle Press!
I write full-length novels and short story serials. I hope readers will learn a lot about Amish culture and traditions, and realize you don't have to be Amish to live a simple life.
In my Amish Knitting Circle you'll follow the lives of 6 women in a knitting circle who are knitting for charity and helping each other through life's challenges, the Amish way. An authentic Amish recipe is at the end of each edition.
Knit Together: An Amish Knitting Novel, is a complete book. Granny Weaver starts a knitting circle that's half Amish and half not. As they meet and knit and talk, they end up unifying the town made of two different cultures: Amish and English.
I'm a graduate from Seton Hill University and Andersonville Theological Seminary. In my spare time I enjoy knitting, birding, photography, watching BBC Period Drama's and spending time with family and friends.

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