Tuesday, March 6, 2012

5 Things to know about Floyd Buck Periwinkle author of "The Breaker" series

1. I play the drums in the band “Behind the Eight Ball” and sing lead vocals on a number of the songs. Yes we are a cover band, but we have a great time and meet a lot of wonderful people.
2. By trade I am a Lawn Care Technician and am State Certified in a number of areas: Lawns, Trees and Shrubs, and Insects. I am also Nationally Certified in the Tree and Shrub Care category.
3. I was a good friend of the man that invented the bag we use today for microwave popcorn. He was a little off, but hey, what a contribution to civilized society.
4. Back in the day I met Buddy Ryan, then coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, and I introduced my wife to him. He was a nice guy, he said to wife as he held her hand in both of his, and I quote: “My dear you are very cute, what is it you see in him? Trade Up.” He always called them as he saw them. Gotta love the guy.
5. For fun on a nice clear day I provide community service by killing all my neighbors’ weeds, insects and lawn and tree/shrub diseases. I just love my job.

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