Friday, March 9, 2012

5 Things You May Not Know About Amazon Kindle Best-Selling Author Karen Anna Vogel!

5 things about Karen Anna Vogel that can be found in her writing

1.) She’s a real Jane Austen fan and likes to include Jane’s thought in her books. One thing on her bucket list is to go to go on the Jane Austen Tour in England with her friend, Maryann Roberts. For now, they have tea together and watch Pride & Prejudice…over and over and over again.

2.) Like Fannie in Amish Knitting Circle, she had to recondition her mind about not being fat. She had a compliment journal, not a box, to jot down compliments and Bible verses. She started this in her twenties, and now feels comfortable in her own skin, and that God made her unique.

3.) Just like Ginny, in Knit Together, she has an online Christian bookstore, Thrifty Christian Shopper, but wants a small brick and mortar store filled with rare and used books with good coffee & tea.

4.) Also like Ginny, she couldn’t crochet after losing her mom, always thinking of her commenting on her even stitches, and missed her too much. So, she took knitting classes and understands all the rage about knitting…it’s good for the nerves.

5.) There’s a real “Granny Weaver” in Smicksburg, PA. (She even has a son named Roman.) Granny’s a spunky Amish lady who just cares about everyone, and inspired Karen to write the Amish Knitting Circle.

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