Monday, March 12, 2012

5 Things You May Not Know About Jason Hughes:

Five Things You Do Not Know About Jason Hughes;

I. Jason is often lonely. He barely talks to anyone in person and has only a close group of friends. He is rather outgoing on social groups. He truly wishes to get to know a certain someone a little better.

II. Jason cannot stand Comedy (film wise) made past 1989, except for (Kevin Smith's) Clerks. He is more a fan of Horror/ Drama. The only stand-up Comedians that he enjoys are dead; Sam Kinison and George Carlin.

III. Jason's novels; H(D)EADLINES, The 13th Toll of Twelve Dark Chimes, WITHOUT NOTICE and Welcome To Endsville: Population - Zero, were picked up by four other "publishing companies" before Trestle Press, that did not know what they were doing. Shortly after the contracts were signed, the companies went out of business.

IV. Jason has written film, book, and magazine reviews and articles under the name "Jay Alan (his middle name)" for A blurb from his review on the new edition of the original I Spit On Your Grave can be seen on the back of the dvd box, along with Roger Ebert's.

V. Jason does not drink alcohol or do drugs, which has come as a shock to many. This false perception is mainly due to his appearance and the music he likes (Heavy/ Death Metal... Although this is his main choice in music, he also likes Blues, Horror Scores and Classic Rock).

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