Thursday, March 1, 2012

Coming Soon- Karen Anna Vogel-"Amish Knitting Circle- Volume 10-New Beginnings"

Amish Knitting Circle is a continuing short story series about six women. Granny Weaver started the circle when she saw her wool was stronger when spun into yarn. So she starts a knitting circle, believing the women will be stronger as they face life together.
Volume 10 ~ New Beginnings
It’s Easter in Smicksburg, PA, but will it need to be postponed due to discord among church members? Will there be harmony between Luke and Ruth? Can Ella and Zach fully accept that Lavina is going to their church? Fannie’s looks forward to her early spring wedding, but will she have to move to New York and say good-bye to her knitting friends? Lizzie and Roman also want a spring wedding but will it be too hard on Granny, as Jeb fears? Find out in this final edition of Amish Knitting Circle.
Due to the overwhelming response by readers, the Granny’s knitting circle won’t end; only expand with English (Non-Amish) friends coming. Look for Amish Friends Knitting Circle, another continuing series in 8 parts, coming soon.
A thank you from Karen Anna Vogel:
I’m stunned by the response of readers to Amish Knitting Circle. Many feel they’re one of Granny’s girls. I can’t thank my faithful readers enough, but especially Amish Literature Fans on Facebook, who encouraged me to continue writing this series. If you need a place to go and talk “All things Amish,” I encourage you to join. We can chat there. Thank you so much!

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