Thursday, March 8, 2012

Coming Soon-Ryan Jenkins-"I Sit Alone- Volume 2- Running Away From 30"

He finds himself tangled deeper into the world of darkness. He is beginning to understand more, but there is so much more that is left unseen. He learns the truth about himself, but sometimes it seems, that you just can't go home. And you can't run from who you are today.

Having a slow work schedule is conducive to either writing more, or being lazy. Thankfully, the latter hasn't happened. With the addition of help from a wonderful friend and first reader, I have been able to finish up stories in top form. She is currently reading over the third part of my series due to be submitted soon. Part four is also in the works. Soooo many twists and stuff I haven't gotten to you, its crazy trying to fit it all in, in the time I have to work on it! And plus, my first reader enjoys having something to do! Along with these two other parts in the work, I have another story in production, set in a far distant future of a destroyed world. Probably won't be a series of stories like the one I am currently writing. But, with the way this series has progressed, I may have just lied in the last part!

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