Monday, March 5, 2012

Grace Award Finalist Carey Jane Clark "After The Snow Falls"

Trestle Press is proud to announce that one of our own is a finalist in the 2011 Grace Awards. The novel After the Snow Falls by Carey Jane Clark, released by Trestle Press in December 2011 is a finalist in the Women’s Fiction category.
The Grace Awards were established to “expand the tent pegs of Christian Fiction.” Novels are nominated by reader votes.
Novels qualify for the Grace Awards if they are “original and present a Christian worldview, released in hard cover, trade paperback, or in Ebook format...Most of all, the novel must reach the highest of literary standards and add something of value to Christian fiction and the Christian community.” (From the Grace Awards website.)
After the Snow Falls is a story about hope and the power of forgiveness. It’s a story about Celia Bennett and her eight-year-old son Caleb. In the middle of a soccer drill, in an awful, awkward moment, Caleb lands on his face and chest in the grass. The diagnosis blindsides Celia, bringing her face-to-face with every parent’s worst nightmare.
Desperate to save her son’s life, Celia pursues a cure through alternative medicine, but her quest ends in frustration and disappointment. Facing despair, hope walks in on the most unlikely set of legs, when her father returns after a 30-year absence. Can she release pain to embrace hope? Will it make a difference, or is it too late?
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