Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Release: Alan Zendell 's "A Boy And His Dog-An Unfinished Love Story"

An illustrated memoir-like account of the unique relationship that can only exist between a boy and his dog. From the moment when he picks his golden retriever puppy from her litter, through all those that follow, they fill the hollows in each other’s lives and form a bond that no one else can share.

As powerful as the love they feel for each other is, it is when she becomes ill that we learn the true meaning of commitment. The struggle to care for her and nurse her back to health leaves an indelible mark on everyone who loves them both. No one who ever interacted with Haley will ever forget her or what she taught us about life and death.

Alan Zendell spent more than thirty years as a scientist, aerospace engineer, software consultant, database developer, and government analyst, writing really boring stuff like proposals, technical papers, reports, business letters, and policy memoranda. But trapped inside him all that time were stories that needed telling and ideas that needed expression, so with encouragement and cajoling from a loving baby sister he plunged into fiction.
Since then, he has written mostly science and extrapolative fiction, the genre he loved since he was nine. But his stories are about more than aliens and technical marvels. He creates strong, three-dimensional characters a reader can care about, because it's people and the way they live and love that are important. It's the things they believe in and how much they're willing to invest to preserve them that make a story worth telling. It's convincing interactions and well-researched credible plots that make a story worth reading.
And, of course, like any writer, Alan loves having an audience.

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