Wednesday, March 7, 2012

New Release: Isaac & Sarah Martin-"Amish Paradise-Volume 1-The Epiphany"

I have decided to dedicate this story to my younger brother. I have fictionalized his name and the path he has chosen to arrive at his understanding of his faith, his ability to embrace what his true values are and to display those values on a daily basis for all to witness, experience, and if they choose to, embrace.
Jacob is his name and living life simply while walking in the shadow of our Creator has been his choice. It wasn’t always like that, but thanks to the love and understanding of a beautiful woman, his wife Hannah, he came to see the Light and the Way.
When I was able to take my turn outside of the family, trying to find out if I wanted to be baptized into the Faith, I made a different choice; one that I felt at the time better suited my needs and those of the woman that was nice enough to choose to marry me, thank God. We still embrace many of the values of our previous lifestyle and upbringing, but have chosen to live outside of it. As you may have already guessed, my wife also came from an Amish family.
Jacob was going to follow a similar path like mine, in fact he was going a bit further on “the wild side” during his opportunity at Rumspringa, when his now wife stood in his path and forced him to make a decision, one that would not just change their lives forever, but at the time we didn’t know it, it would also change ours.
That is what “Amish Paradise-Volume 1-The Epiphany” is about. Standing on the precipice and looking down into the dark void: What do you see in front of you? What would you do? This is the beginning of the voyage of life that a young couple is about to take. One that allows them to witness, embrace and live the perfection of God’s grace and the world He has given us and all its beauty.

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