Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Check Out This New De Miller Release!

As different as the Amish are from the outside world, so is the Palatin Commune from the rest of their Amish brethren. Enigmatic and strict, the leaders of the sect have guarded their privacy for generations. In Volume 2 - Secrets, The Amish Mysteries series, we are transported back in time about 15 years to see the beginnings of the personalities and incidents which will set up the biggest challenge to their Amish way of life in more than 200 years. Jake Crew, a 20-year-television-veteran by 1994, begins a clandestine assignment from the President of the United States which will forever change his life. At the same time, the leaders of the secretive Amish sect set in motion moves that go against their time-honored practice of little or no contact with the outsiders. In the next decade and a half people and events, both inside and far outside their commune’s fences, move into place, all leading to one catastrophic day which will rock the very foundations of their simple way of life.
De Miller is a former newspaperman now living in Mount Dora, Florida. He has been writing for three decades, first as a reporter, photographer and editor for The Kansas City Star and The Kansas City Kansan newspapers, then as the Public Information Officer for the Wyandotte County Commissioners in Kansas. Over the years as a freelancer he has had material published in such diverse publications as Crafting Magazine, The Sporting News and The National Enquirer. Among other writing accomplishments, he wrote the script for and produced two direct-to-video comedy movies starring Jerry Mathers and 60s music icon Tiny Tim; wrote the scripts for and directed a series of children's videos and wrote scripts for informational videos for the county government.
Since moving to Florida, he has become a Christian and devoted much of his writing time to Christian endeavors. He wrote and directed a Christian movie, Daniel’s Lot, starring Emmy award winner Gary Burghoff (Radar from M*A*S*H) which is now in worldwide release through the Bridgestoen Multimedia Group. (www.danielslot.com)
He has also devoted a great deal of time to his writing passion, working on novels and short stories. (www.demiller.com)
His other passion is the Christian radio station he operates. The station, WTYG, 91.5 FM (We Thank You God) serves north-central Florida in the town of Sparr. (www.wtygfm.com)

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