Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Have You Given Whit Howland's Work a Look?

Are you looking for a new author to check out? Give Whit Howland a look! His writing has edge,passion,and a grit to it that you can really sink your reading teeth into. Feed your ereader something new today, something that will give it a jolt of juice that it hasn’t had in a while!
Here are the three titles Whit has with Trestle Press:
For a taste of Crime that you won’t soon forget, ”The Pandora Case”:

Joey Pantera, a mid level gangster has been ordered to go to the bus depot and retrieve a brief case from its current occupant, by any means necessary. Unfortunately, he has to bring along Teller, a low level hood, trying to make name for himself in the syndicate. Things go from bad to worse when Joey is double crossed by Teller, and finds out that other sinister people want this same case and are willing to kill for it as well.
Take a blood and guts tour with through this dark and seedy underworld full of ruthless clowns, brutal mimes, and other assorted lowlifes, on trail of The Pandora Case.
Whit Howland also has two Westerns, both part of “The Cain Series”:
“The Cain Series-Volume 1-Good Smoke and Whiskey”
Cain, an outlaw/bank robber is a man who is seeking redemption for his stormy and violent past. He wants to go someplace where no one has heard from him and start a new life. Unfortunately, crime is in his blood and he always manages to get caught up in one last shadowy scheme after another involving, cutthroats, conmen, and crafty double dealing saloon women.

“The Cain Series-Volume 2- Another Town, Another Torch”
Cain, an outlaw, rescues Sarah, a beautiful woman being chased by a posse and then gets tangled up in a robbery with her and her abusive con man husband. Gun play and double crosses abound in this strange multi-layered western.
Whit Howland connected with Trestle Press in September 2011. He is the author of the Cain Series, a strange western, and has several more titles on the way in the near future. He is an avid reader of crime fiction and namely draws on Mickey Spillane for inspiration. Other influences would include Richard Stark, Joe R Lansdale, Peter Brandvold and many other authors.
An L A native he currently resides with his wife in Godfrey Illinois.

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