Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hot New Release: G.A. Zanni's "Dreadful Places"

D r e a d f u l P l a c e s

When the horrifying images that Carter Dawson has been seeing for days finally come for him in the middle of the night, he clings to a new found hope deposited in him from a supernatural apparition. On a quest to discover the root cause of his spiritual awakening, he visits a psychic named Balera recommended to him from longtime business acquaintance, Stevie Lyons. Carter must uncover the purpose of his new found abilities before he is consumed and led into ruin by the force of darkness that plots against him.

Jack “Bear” Branton has reluctantly allowed his sister Rebekah to decrypt some of the demonic serial killer’s ciphers and after months of turning up dead ends, the trail of the fabled serial killer, the DHK suddenly heats up. In his new findings, Bear discovers that although the killings seemed random at first glance, a profound connection, an incredible link between all of the DHK’s victims had been missed in the initial investigation. And this new connection puts his sister, Rebekah directly in the sights of the killer.

As future promises become marred in doubt; Caleb and his host of angels can only hope that the human spirit proves to be a salvageable entity; one that can be delivered from the dreadful places in which they find themselves.

G.A. Zanni resides in Johnston, RI with his wife, Caroline of 10 years, his children, Veronica (9) Gabriel (5) and Olivia (2). He served four years in the United States Marine Corps from 1996-2000 and drew on his experiences abroad to write The Deceitful Things series. Currently, he is working on multiple projects and has a deep passion for writing and enjoys sharing his inner most thoughts and stories with others.

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