Thursday, April 26, 2012

Out Now-William Tasch's "Outlaw Salvation"

Best friends, Todd and Boyd have recently graduated high school, in the small desert town of Icicle, California. On the eve of his eighteenth birthday, one friend receives a mysterious package containing a leather vest and an invitation to visit the Wolf Pack, an outlaw motorcycle club. His best friend has no illusions, at all, about what he’d do with the vest. Get rid of it and don’t go! The two friends have always shared a connection that has seemed almost ‘supernatural,’ but separated by a wedge. One is a Christian, and, the other, is not. Blinded by his desire to be part of the Wolf Pack, Boyd accepts the mysterious invitation and begins his initiation as a prospect. Feeling the same almost ‘supernatural connection’ to the club’s leader, Zev, Boyd soon discovers it is not about a bunch of fun loving, motorcycle riding guys. The Wolf Pack has a murderous, lust of money and control. Its guise is hidden by throwing an annual Community Day event. Boyd is then torn between the father he just met, and getting himself out before it’s too late. After seemingly selling his soul to the devil, Zev has a lot of things he wants done before his reign with the Wolf Pack ends. His plan to provide a blood legacy to run the club when he’s gone, also holds secrets of its’ own. The Icicle Police Department’s Gang Task Force has a ‘prospect’ of their own. A Task Force wannabe who’s over zealous careless acts lead him to the right places with the wrong outcome, believes that busting the Wolf Pack will earn him respect. Often inspired by the crazy antics of his best friend, Max; Paul, one of the town’s local preachers, must deal with the attraction he has to a congregation member who would like to date him. The rumor is she has a tainted past. Add a couple of motorcycle gangs who want Zev dead before his time, the lives of a close knit community looking for salvation, and friendships that are challenged by the truth that is revealed when everyone’s past comes together during an annual Community Day that Icicle, California will never forget. William Tasch is a twenty year retired, U.S. Army Veteran who enjoys writing in his spare time. He currently works in law enforcement and lives in Southern California with his wife, Deena and the youngest of their three children, Noah.

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