Saturday, May 26, 2012

David F. Gray's "LIGHTBEARER" Is Out Now!

‘Old City…New Thrills’.

Gideon is a Lightbearer, a servant and friend of the Lightgiver. He is making the long journey to the True City, the dwelling place of the Lightgiver. Accompanying him are his fiancée Ruth and a few close friends. In the course of their journey, they travel through the Old City, where entertainment, sex and luxurious living are accessible and cheap. Gideon becomes enamored with the Old City’s diverse pleasures and abandons his journey. He takes up residence at one of the many luxury hotels while his friends and fiancée are forced to move on without him.

All too soon, Gideon’s money runs out. People who called him friend desert him. He is evicted from his hotel and forced onto the Gauntlet, the main street that runs through the middle of the Old City. He becomes a Lurker, one of the thousands of nameless, faceless people who have lost all hope. For ten years, he ekes out a living handing out flyers of prostitutes to the passing tourists.

His fragile world is shattered when he encounters a Messenger from the Lightgiver. The Messenger, who’s name is Mark, delivers his message to Gideon. He is forgiven for the betrayal of his oath and is recalled to active duty. He is ordered to find three missing Lightbearers, who are wanted for a string of murders that they did not commit, and get them safely out of the city.

Gideon begins a perilous journey into the depths of the Old City. Not only must he find the three Lightbearers, he must remember who he is and what it means to be a Lightbearer. He will encounter the Enforcers, the Governor’s private police force, who are rumored to have strange and terrible powers. He will be arrested and brought before the Governor, where he must choose once and for all who he will serve.

And he will travel through the Maze, a bewildering, decaying slum on the outskirts of the Old City that is overrun by vicious, bloodthirsty gangs.

LIGHTBEARER is a story of betrayal, redemption and ultimate victory. It is a story of faith and hope; that no matter how dire the situation, it is never too late to turn back to the Lightgiver.

Here is the Amazon Kindle Link, after one day of release it is climbing the Hot New Release Chart for Religious Fiction Fantasy:

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