Wednesday, May 23, 2012

De Miller's Twin Tales Series Unveiled

De Miller’s Twin Tales series unveiled
What could be better, for a writer, than to combine two passions to create a new short story series? Not much, I’d say. Nevertheless, that’s exactly what has happened in my new Faith-themed short story series, Twin Tales, set for release soon from Helping Hands Press.
I have always had a passion for mysteries, generally the ones termed Cozy mysteries…you know, the non-violent, non-graphic kind. And, being a born-again Christian, of course I have a passion for the message of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Now, through this new series, I am able to write my mystery stories while, hopefully, delivering a Bible message. After all, Jesus used story-telling to get his points across and while I’m a million miles from even being close to the story-teller, He was, it is still very rewarding to be able to do so in my small way.
Having said that, I believe the stories in this series can be stand-alone mysteries. I am hoping that, even readers who are not necessarily fans of Christian fare will like these stories and appreciate simply that God, does indeed, work in mysterious ways.
Through the series, Twin Tales, I will attempt to present stories of Faith that have double meanings, thus the mystery element. I believe every true Christian’s Faith is constantly being tested, and we are then faced with deciding how we should interpret what we hear from God.

We’ll be releasing two of the short stories at a time and when we reach six or eight, we’ll combine them into a book-length offering. I plan to have the first book volume ready to offer by the end of June.
The first story in the series is Bad Neighborhood, which puts a new twist on the Good Samaritan parable from the Bible, when a devout Christian woman finds herself stranded and apparently abandoned by God.
The second story is entitled Deserted, and it takes a cursory look at Biblical prophecy of The Rapture, with the underlying message that “no one knows the day or the hour….”
Following these in about two weeks, we’ll release the third, entitled Cover-Up which is a retelling of the story of King David and his affair with Queen Bathsheba, set in the modern day. We’ll round out the first four with one entitled Faith Like A Rock, which examines the true story of the miracle of a young lady stricken by a mysterious heart ailment and her being brought back from the brink of death on the shear Faith and prayers of her older sister. In fact, all four of these, as will the remaining stories in the series, either be based on or inspired by true stories and events.
My aim for the series is to show, in an entertaining way, that Bible stories are as relevant today in our modern lives as when they were written two-thousand years ago. I’ll be keeping the “preaching” to a minimum and not be in-your-face with Bible messages. That doesn’t mean that there will not be an occasional Bible scripture to illustrate a point, though. All in all, I’m hoping to be entertaining and informative and let the reader decide, about the biggest mystery of all: God.

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