Saturday, May 5, 2012

Karen Malena is on The G-ZONE @ 9am EST Today!

Son of Mine: Redemption, Volume III Aaron’s father confronts his past demons and falls further into darkness and despair. It will take a miracle for Aaron and his brother to find out the truth and set the family on a path of faith and forgiveness. As our journey of the DeAngelis family comes to a close, we visit one man’s tragic past which has set the course of an entire lifetime of misery. With faith as the answer, a new life and redemption are close at hand. Hello, I am Karen Malena. Allow me to take you on the journey of my creativity. An avid reader since fourth grade, I have found solace and comfort in books to ease the sometimes irregular paths of life. With a childhood filled with difficult moments, books were the much needed friends to soothe and lessen the loneliness and pain. Faith has been the most important catalyst in the turbulent sea of life. Without it, I would not be able to share with my readers the situations which will help lessen their own trials. Let me take you by the hand, and give me the chance to encourage you with stories which I hope will leave you inspired, thoughtful, and blessed. Karen Malena comes from a close, Italian family, and is married to a humorous Italian man. She has worked in the dental field for thirty years. Always dreaming of becoming an author, she had her first e book, Son of Mine: From Suicide to Hope, Volume I published in the fall of 2011. Here is the link:

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