Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mark Miller-"It's All Coming Together"

Almost a year ago, I was handed an assignment. That’s how it felt, Trestle Press enjoyed my novel Daniel’s Lot and its exploration of Christian themes. They asked me if I would start a religious series for them. As authors do, I wanted to experiment. I wanted to talk about what religion meant to me. I felt too confined. Everybody has a different religion, so I felt limited. I did not want to write about only one religion. From the very beginning, One started to evolve. The idea came from the fact that regardless of religion, everyone has some kind of faith. I designed One to explore different expressions of faith and how we all have to share this one planet. I could not honestly and effectively complete this task on my own, so I reached out for more and greater perspectives. I started close to home, but even made it as far as Dubai. Over ten months, I somehow managed to gather an esteemed collection of highly talented individuals that saw value in the concept. As I look at first ten stories, I feel like I’m playing the Match Game. Like someone is asking me if I can connect the author with their field of expertise: college professor; international businessperson; award-winning poet; best-selling author; born-again Christian; med student. And the stories range from first love to love at first sight; undefeatable disease to healing candies; rebirth to near death. However, they all have one thing in common. They all have faith. One has become so much more than I envisioned. I don’t picture myself as a captain steering a big ship. Mostly, I have been in the audience watching this great event unfold. I am humbled and blessed by the skilled writers that have shared their very personal stories. I am looking forward to May 12th. When we all dial in to the G-Zone on, it will feel like a family reunion with some truly wonderful people. Please join us at 1 PM Eastern here: Mark Miller is the author of his critically praised fantasy series The Empyrical Tales. He has been headlining One, as well as co-writing a middle grade series with his daughter called Sons of the King. Please visit for more and join the One series at

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