Saturday, May 12, 2012

Scott Lutz & Melissa Studdard discuss the "ONE" Series

My girlfriend, Melissa Studdard, and I were thrilled with the opportunity to contribute our voices to this phenomenal collection of authentic pieces known as the ONE series. Editor Mark Miller and publisher Giovanni Gelati have provided a forum in which we feel we can speak our own truths while intermingling with the multi-faceted truths of others, together as one in the name of faith.

Our Story, For the Love of All, had its inception months before we got the invitation to write it. After connecting, in spite of remarkable odds, Melissa and I had begun to envision sharing our experiences and growth in our own relationship through writing. We felt that our story might inspire people to embrace their own unique spirituality, develop greater connectedness to others, and live life more deeply. The actual writing of our essay was an adventure in itself, as we each relived, in the telling, many of the wonderful and affirming experiences that grew our faith and relationship.

We wrote the essay back and forth to each other as a conversation, swapping writing and editing roles over a period of about three to four weeks. Melissa and I see this story as a beginning, and just one extension of our life’s writing and work. We believe that it will be the foundation for a more in-depth writing project focused on the same topic of intimate couple relationships and the fantastic potential for human love and connection.

We're very excited about the panel interview on May 12th with this unique and genuine group of authors!
The link for the show is:

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