Friday, May 18, 2012

This Weekend a DoubleShot of De Miller-"Twin Tales" and...

The Granthams are a typical Christian family. Both Bob and Christina have good jobs. The couple has two well-behaved middle-school children, being brought up in a nice Christian environment. The family attends church together and regularly in their comfortable and safe neighborhood in Cary, North Carolina. Bob and Christina are members of their church choir and are happily looking forward to performing a Christmas concert for an inner city church in neighboring Raleigh.

Bob, who Christina refers to as her Boy Scout, has everything planned for a safe, family night out, including a special dinner with their children at their favorite Mexican restaurant after the concert. But, despite all of his planning for the evening, events transpire that will test the faith of the entire family.

Despite all of the planning to the contrary, Christina finds herself stranded in a Bad Neighborhood and under attack. Bob is not around to protect her. She has no one to call on but God. She cries out for help from Him. She has only her prayers to guard her. At last, she realizes that God abandoned her. Or has He?

Bad Neighborhood, based on a true story, is the first in a faith-themed series of short stories under the title of Twin Tales. Aptly named, Twin Tales will attempt to present stories of faith that have double meanings. Every true Christian’s faith is constantly being tested and we are faced with deciding how we should interpret what we hear from God.

De Miller is a former newspaperman now living in Mount Dora, Florida. He has been writing for three decades, first as a reporter, photographer and editor for The Kansas City Star and The Kansas City Kansan newspapers, then as the Public Information Officer for the Wyandotte County Commissioners in Kansas. Over the years as a freelancer he has had material published in such diverse publications as Crafting Magazine, The Sporting News and The National Enquirer. Among other writing accomplishments, he wrote the script for and produced two direct-to-video comedy movies starring Jerry Mathers and 60s music icon Tiny Tim; wrote the scripts for and directed a series of children's videos and wrote scripts for informational videos for the county government.

Since moving to Florida, he has become a Christian and devoted much of his writing time to Christian endeavors. He wrote and directed a Christian movie, Daniel’s Lot, starring Emmy award winner Gary Burghoff (Radar from M*A*S*H) which is now in worldwide release through the Bridgestone Multimedia Group. (

He has also devoted a great deal of time to his writing passion, working on novels and short stories. (

His other passion is the Christian radio station he operates. The station, WTYG, 91.5 FM (We Thank You God) serves north-central Florida in the town of Sparr. (

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