Tuesday, June 12, 2012

George Michael Loughmueller & Mark Miller-Together-"What A Wonder!

What a Wonder!
By George Michael Loughmueller

By now, many of you have heard Mr. Mark Miller break the news on The G-Zone about our new project. In case you haven’t, it’s called Amish Wonder – The Exceptional Life of Samuel Plank.
I had the opportunity to work with Mr. Miller on his project series One. I contributed the story Snake in the Water, which gives a glimpse into my personal life. Kind of like a mini-autobiography (and my proceeds go to charity). After that, we got to talking (by email, if you call that talking). He took an interest in my writing and, of course, with a little princess of my own, I found his fairytales to be fascinating. From there, we circled around this idea of an Amish Fantasy. To the best of my knowledge, it hasn’t been done, so we want to do it in as different of a way as possible.
What we came up with is the story of a good Amish boy suddenly yanked from his plain life on the farm and thrust into a new, and sometimes frightening, world. The question is how does he stay true to his beliefs while coping in the outside world?
We hope to have the full novel complete by the end of July. However, I also want to finish the Amish Journey by the end of June. I know Mr. Miller is busy promoting his new release, The Empyrical Tales Book III: The Secret Queen, as well. We will do our best for you!
That reminds me, I only have two more volumes of Set Free – An Amish Journey to go. Allan’s story is almost complete. Volume 8 – The Loophole is out now and it may be one of the biggest moments of Allan’s life in Karsten Field. It is your chance to find out why “his last chance was their only hope”.
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