Friday, July 20, 2012

"Gabriel's Revenge" IS Out NOW! J.T. Lewis Brand New Full Length Novel & Follow Up To The Award Winning "Murder, Too Close To Home"

Working at a dig in South America, Gabriel Celtic’s dreary existence is shattered by a one page telegram from back home, asking him for help on a murder… the murder of his friend!
Meeting a mysterious woman on the flight back, she seems to be trying unsuccessfully to drag him out of his dark mood. He is unnerved however, by the feeling that this “girl” seems just a little too familiar with his past.
Starting his investigation as soon as the wheels hit the tarmac, he soon finds help from an unexpected source… the mysterious woman from the plane. Coming to his rescue in the nick of time, her competence and bravery are undeniably familiar.
Meanwhile the investigation into the diabolical murders of his friend and others will soon lead him on a journey that will end at a place that he had never expected… the darkest corners of the Catholic Church!
JT Lewis is the author of the new YA series, Pepper and Longstreet, exciting mysteries that hearken back to the old Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mystery series./

Here is what others have said about “Murder! Too Close To Home”, Winner of “The Best Debut Mystery Series” on Goodreads:

Intense! By Miss Summerland- five star review
“Move over Lucas Davenport, Gabriel Celtic is joining you! If you love John Sandford's Prey Series, you'll enjoy Murder! Too Close To Home. A gritty depiction of a murderous heart, and action packed from the very first chapter, JT Lewis captures the heart and soul of a county police force on the trail of a psychotic killer, leading up to an astonishing conclusion.
Don't miss this compelling thriller!”

Fluid storytelling with tons of suspense and mystery By Literary Vixen- five star review
“Gabriel Celtic, an amazing detective trying to solve a spree of horrendous murders that have taken over his town. Extremely dedicated to his cause, he and his partner Frank search for clues to apprehend a new serial killer whose madness is closer to home than anyone thinks. I enjoyed this murder mystery, it had so many twists and suspects I thought I would start biting my nails wondering what was going to happen next. The suspense kept my heart in heart attack mode with the violence and horror of it all!!! Great detective work, determination and some superpowers of his own made Gabriel Celtic an amazing hero. Very well written, intriguing and kept me turning the page. J.T. Lewis' story telling is fluidly smooth and entices you to enter a world that could easily be our own and fills you with the terror of how real it very well could be. Loved it!”

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