Monday, July 16, 2012

Interlacements Yarn to Spin Colors for Karen Anna Vogel’s Books.

Karen Anna Vogel’s knitting teacher, Susan Grim, is the character Suzy is Amish Knitting Circle Series and Knit Together. Having a successful yarn shop in Smicksburg, spinning, dying, and teaching classes, Susan is a busy woman. But not too busy to be thinking up another color for yarn…
When she read Knit Together: An Amish Knitting Novel, she saw yarn colors to match the book cover and some of its characters. So, she sent the book to her friend, Tracy Schuh who owns Interlacements Yarn: The Art of Fiber & Color. Tracey read the book in one day, reading non-stop as she couldn’t put it down. Then she envisioned yarn colors. Yellow for Katie Byler, as her love for yellow roses play a part in the book. Ginny needs healing due to the death of her mother, and Tracey picked lavender for her color. Since the Serenity Prayer is “interlaced” throughout the book, Tracey picked a peaceful green. She too, liked the cover colors and is dying a yarn to match it as well.
“I love the synergy of it all,” Karen said. “I write, Suzy teaches knitting, Tracey’s makes the yarn, and readers are encouraged to knit for charity, like the characters in the books. Christian Aid Ministry, an Amish and Mennonite ministry in Berlin, OH, sends what reader knit to third world countries. It doesn’t get much better than that!”
Visit Suzy’s yarn shop in Smicksburg, PA or at Tracey can be found at and her signature store Friends & Fiberworks in the Biltmore Square Mall in Asheville, NC.

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