Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Release: "Borrowed Time - Volume 2 - End Of The..." by David L. Hoof

Nearly one hundred years after he died in the Mexican desert, Raul Sanchez has been miraculously resurrected to deliver incredible offers to skeptical twenty-first century occupants of Washington, DC
These are not offers they can’t refuse; they are merely an opportunities for continued life, differently fashioned for each person. But if these people refuse, they quickly die.
In this episode of the ongoing series, terminal cancer patient Molly McCarthy, 24, seizes the chance and is instantly restored to full health and an eight year lease on life. Even after Sanchez delivers her home, she can’t get him off her mind or out of her hopes.
But Sanchez is only a messenger, his next delivery due to the Right Honorable Delbert Hamhocker, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina.While getting head from an intern beneath his desk, Hamhocker threatens Sanchez with arrest and imprisonment. The outcome and denouement provide links in the ongoing lessons that the nation’s capital can be a very deadly place to threaten the gentle Sanchez.

The award-winning author of screenplays, short stories and seven published novels sold in thirty-five countries, David L. Hoof has also written nonfiction and written scientific articles and papers appearing in peer-reviewed professional journals that cover areas as diverse as nanotechnology to nuclear proliferation. He was taught creative writing with the Writers Digest School and at Georgetown University. His novels and stories include satires, thrillers, suspense mysteries, historical mysteries, action adventure, horror and dabblings in the paranormal . Three novels, the ecohorror Landfill, the rollickingly irreverent satire Triple Jeopardy, and the historical mystery, Little Gods, will join several intriguing short stories in Trestle Press’s impressive 2012 line-up. Deeply interested in the music and magic of the English language, he can be reached at david.hoof@rcn.com or via Facebook. Among his friends and inspirations he counts William Goldman, Elmore “Dutch” Leonard, Don DeLillo, Cormac McCarthy, James Lee Burke and Dennis Lehane. He lives with his wife, Marsha, in Washington, DC, and is at work on his next novel, which should be complete by mid April, this year..

The Amazon Kindle link for the story is : http://www.amazon.com/Borrowed-Time-Volume-The-ebook/dp/B008OCAJSO/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1343171578&sr=1-1&keywords=david+l.+hoof+borrowed+time+volume+2+end+of+the+...

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