Friday, July 27, 2012

Olivia & Mark Miller Release- "Sons Of The King- Volume 4 - The Thieves Village"

Mark Miller (One, Small World Global Protection Agency) teams with his daughter and first time author Olivia Miller.
In Sons of the King, they have created a Christian-influenced fantasy world with a touch of science fiction. In the land of Mysstira on the planet Kaskaya, a great King has three sons. When a mysterious visitor falls from the sky, their world is changed forever. The sons of the King will soon face their destiny.
Episode Four tells of Dig’s life among the thieves. They are no ordinary thieves, however, as they do not steal riches, but necessities and they always give to those who have none. In the five years while older brother Taro studies at the Creator’s Ark, Dig learns the ways of the Thieves’ League. His friendship with Camil Firefly continues to grow as she helps him through his training.

Miller is the author of The Empyrical Tales fantasy adventure series. Book I: The Fourth Queen and Book II: The Lost Queen are available now from Comfort Publishing and Book III: The Secret Queen is coming Spring 2012. From Trestle Press, Miller heads the spiritual anthology Mark Miller’s One. Miller has also written the adaptation of the faith-based movie Daniel’s Lot, available from Trestle Press, as well.
He is a husband and father of four. Miller has a background in elementary education and currently works as a substitute teacher. He also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, which lends to his visual writing style.
The style of the Small World stories has been compared to Magic Treehouse. The series has received other critical praise:
“It's about time someone wrote a story for children in grades 3-5 about geography. Seeing a country on the globe tell kids nothing about the country, but Mark Miller mixes in culture and "takes" the kids to diffferent countries in this continuing series, just the right length too. As a former teacher and homeschool mom, I highly recommend this new series.” – Review
“I find it appealing (as a teacher) that the author has also managed to make the story educational, as well as creating situations and issues that young people will know all about. Madison and Josh have talents, worries and problems like us all, but manage to keep on track with a positive outlook.” – Review
“It's a nice touch that we have both a male and a female co-protagonist, to appeal to kid readers of both genders. And the discussion questions at the end are a plus, IMO. In short, I'd say this promises to be a series that could be quite popular with kids in this age bracket!” – Review
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