Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ready For Some More Pepper & Longstreet? J.T. Lewis Releases "Volume 5- The Mystery of The Rose"

Summer break is only a week old and already Pepper Jones is bored stiff. Finding herself with oodles of free time, she had been spending her mornings at the local library, rereading her favorite mystery series from when she was a kid.
As a last-ditch effort to save herself from the slow death of monotony, she pleads with Nancy Drew to throw an extra case her way.
As she starts reading the old book in front of her, she finds that someone has defaced it by scribbling random letters across the bottom of the pages. Upon closer examination of the random letters, a chill suddenly ran down her spine as she realized that what she was looking at was actually a code!
Follow Pepper and her mysterious partner Jacob Longstreet as they unravel a code that leads them on an unexpected adventure into the past!

Mystery abounds in the books of Amazon Best Selling Author J.T. Lewis.
Living in Southeast Indiana with his wife and daughter, J.T. has always loved a mystery. Striving to bring readers a story packed full of action, adventure, and suspense has led to his current selection of titles.
His first full length novel, Murder! Too Close To Home, has been voted #1 on Goodreads Best Debut Mystery Series list. The second in the series, Gabriel’s Revenge, was released with much anticipation in July 2012. Both of these titles belong to the Adventures of Gabriel Celtic series.
Also look for JT Lewis’ Pepper and Longstreet YA mystery series. Having been compared to the old Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew mysteries, Pepper and Longstreet at first seem an unlikely duo.
Having discovered Jacob Longstreet standing in her kitchen one day, the ghost of a Civil War solder soon becomes Pepper’s friend, as well as her partner in solving mysteries. Together, they find themselves in the most unlikely of situations as mysteries unfold around them.
An electrician by trade, at night JT Lewis morphs into a fictional detective with a keyboard, a transition that suits his need for creating exciting stories very much.
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