Monday, July 30, 2012

The Upcoming Guests On The G-ZONE!

Here is a snapshot of the upcoming schedule for our blogtalk show The G-ZONE. We are fortunate to have some incredible guests!
Monday July 30- Gay Balliet- 9AM EST
Weds. Aug. 1- Beth McMullen- 1.30 PM EST
Thursday- Aug. 2nd- D.P. Lyle- 4pm EST
Tues. Aug. 7- Matthew Dunn- 4PM EST
Weds. Aug.8 –Joseph Max Lewis/L.W. Rondeau-7PM EST
Thursday Aug. 9th- Thomas Sullivan- 7PM EST
Friday Aug. 10- J.T. Lewis- 7 Pm EST
Looking ahead a bit further in August and are just a few of the guests: Shellie Blum, Alexandria Barker, David Michael Harding, L.J. Sellers, David L. Hoof, Carol Howell, Leo Maloney, and Steve Piancente.

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