Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fantasy-Intrigue-Wizards-Bloodthirsty Pirates- David F. Gray's "The Fittleworth Chronicles" Has It All!

The Spires…hundreds of feet tall, tapering to a needle thin point, they stand, mysterious and silent. For untold ages they have existed in all the known worlds, their original purpose forgotten and their builders unknown. Now they serve as signpost, marking the portals that allow a select few to travel between the many known worlds.

Welcome to The Fittleworth Chronicles, a new, ten part fantasy series where cunning wizards fight to the death, bloodthirsty pirates pillage and loot, and a single, lost scribe seeks the enigmatic Crossroads, a place where all worlds converge and great stories are born.

Volume One
The Scribe Enters The Library
In Volume One, the Scribe achieves his life long quest to find and enter the mysterious Library, a vast storehouse of knowledge that has been sought by the greedy and power hungry for thousands of years. Within its walls he will encounter the guardian, an immortal creature who has a mysterious agenda of his own.

The Scribe is the first person in untold ages to enter the Library. Believing it to be the Crossroads, he has come seeking great stories, but he will soon realize that his quest has not ended. It is only beginning, and before it is over, it will cost him everything he holds dear. When he leaves the Library, he will be hunted by terrifying creatures that exist outside of time and space. He will travel through many worlds on his journey to find the Crossroads, also known as Fittleworth, and he will come to understand that he carries within his mind the fate of all living things.

David F. Gray has been a television writer, producer and director for over thirty years. Thanks to his extensive experience in the field of Christian broadcasting, he has developed a unique perspective of modern day Christianity. In addition to writing and producing several award winning documentaries, he is the author of The Shepherd's Path and The Shepherd's Man, two critically acclaimed novels dealing with the loss of religious freedom in the United States. He is currently working on Lightbearer's Quest, the sequel to Lightbearer. He and Heidi, his wife of twenty eight years, currently reside in Tampa, Florida. They have two adult children, Daniel and Charis.

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