Thursday, August 16, 2012

HOT NEW RELEASE by C.Q. Scafidi- "The Specialist - Volume 1 - Recipe For Disaster"

The Specialist – Volume I: Recipe for Disaster

When Stan Gideon left his 20-year career in Military Intelligence working for DARPA, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as an Army Colonel, to work as a Sous Chef in a five-star restaurant in New Orleans, few took notice. His career had been in black ops and his job duties were always masked by some manufactured title to hide his true endeavors. Was his choice in new careers by happenstance or is Stan, once again working undercover to expose what could be the greatest threat to humankind…global population reduction through Genetically Modified Organisms or Frankenfoods?
In this first installment of The Specialist, Recipe for Disaster, we follow Stan, known to his handlers as “The Specialist” for his ability to take on the most delicate of special assignments, as he covertly inserts himself amongst the glitterati of America’s finest chefs. We meet Stan’s informant and new boss, Chef Gio, Giovanni DeLesseps, chef to the Elites, and head chef of the world famous Chez DeLesseps, a five-star Creole French Italian Bistro in the heart of New Orleans French Quarter. A regular on Cable Television’s Food Channel, Chef Gio cooks for the World’s most famous and powerful. He is regularly flown in to meetings around the world serving everything from the G-20 Summit to the closely guarded annual meeting of the Bilderberg Group, a highly secretive cabal of powerful Freemasons with designs on the world’s food supply.
In Volume One, Recipe for Disaster, the special of the day is Cajun Devil’s Food Cake. The Devilish activities of the World’s Elite are on full display at the annual Summit of Nord-Gen and the Nordic Ministers in Helsinki, controllers of the Doomsday Seed Vault on Spitsbergen Island inside the Arctic Circle. Stan must meander through the clamor of a five-star kitchen and Global Food Supply summit to get the information he needs to unravel this global scheme to genetically modify, patent, and gain complete control over the very food we eat to survive. Stan knows Chef Gio holds the key to this mystery and how he must finesse his colossal ego to get what he needs. The “Whitehats” within the federal government’s most secretive agencies to whom Stan answers are depending on him to complete his mission.
CQ Scafidi is an author and historian currently living in New Orleans. Mr. Scafidi has lived around the globe and has been a first-hand witness to many world-changing events such as the death of two Catholic Popes in Rome in 1978, The Centennial Park Olympic Bombing of 1996, and his work with the World Trade Center during the crisis of September 11th. His background in culinary arts, international diplomacy and business, and his work with the World’s largest corporations and global cartels, provides him with the wealth of information to create this story of culinary intrigue, murder and suspense. Read “The Specialist, Volume One – Recipe for Disaster” and learn what the powerful are doing to the food we eat.
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