Friday, August 3, 2012

Karen Anna Vogel Releases A New Story-"Amish Friends Knitting Circle- Volume 6- Putting Up"

Following the tradition of Pickwick Papers (Charles Dickens) and Anne of Green Gables (L.M. Montgomery), Amish Friends Knitting Circle is a continuing story, broken down into 8 parts. If you liked receiving the installments of the best-selling, Amish Knitting Circle Series, (the prequel to this series), then join Granny Weaver as she invites her friends from the Smicksburg Baptist Church to a summer circle to knit for charity.
In Episode 6, Putting Up:
~ It’s September and the Amish are busy “Puttin’ Up” the harvest. Will they have time to knit for charity?
~ Nathan returns from Montana. Will Lavina welcome him back as fondly as his grandparents?
~ Colleen finds that her flashbacks, or déjà vu, are rooted in childhood memories.
~The Baptist Church have their first Amish Day Camp, and Jonas tries to answer a busload of tourist’s questions…if he could understand them.
~ Marge and Joe make a decision. Will they continue to live off-off-grid.
Karen Anna Vogel is a trusted English friend to many Amish in Western Pennsylvania and New York. She’s the author of Amish Knitting Circle, Knit Together, and The Amish Doll. She has a worldwide audience at her popular blog, Amish Crossings
She has a B.A. in psychology and a Masters in Biblical Counseling and loves mentoring young women. Karen and her husband of 31 years, Tim, enjoy living in rural PA and have four grown children.

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