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L.W. Rondeau Challenges You To Take Her Quiz! What Was The World Like 61 Years Ago? 1961-Take The Quiz!

America II: The Reformation by L.W. Rondeau, is set in 2073, 61 years into the future. What will the world be like then? And what was the world like 61 years ago. Take this quiz and find out. Don’t cheat…answers are at the end of the article.

1. What comic strip appeared in newspapers for the first time on March 12, 1951?

A. Beetle Bailey
B. Nancy
C. Dennis the Menace
D. Peanuts

In 2073, entertainment will be fed through a main computer, called EVE (external virtual educator). Viewers (only citizens) will project the feed. Viewers will have opportunity to take themselves into the feed and walk around.

2. What was the average cost of a new house?

A. $5000
B. $7000
C. $9000
D. $11000

In 2073 homes within the city will be hard to buy and only the very wealthy will afford individual family homes. Most will live in high rise facilities, small and condensed quarters. These homes will be equipped with scanners in every room and exterior hallways, monitored by EVE.

3. What was the cost of a loaf of bread?

A. 17 cents
B. 19 cents
C. 21 cents
D. 23 cents

In 2073 there will be a huge food shortage. Only the very wealthy can afford fresh food of any kind. Most will subsist on cloned meats, often to the third and fourth generation, and cloned vegetables and fruits. The strawberry is especially rare and an extreme delicacy. Honey is almost unheard of since the bee is nearly extinct, raised only by the Border Community of the Western American outland.

4. Cost of a dozen eggs?

A. 24 cents
B. 27 cents
C. 30 cents
D. 33 cents

In the future, meat is rare as are all dairy products.

5. What was used to generate electricity for the first time?

A. Coal Power Plant
B. Hydroelectric Dam
C. Natural Gas Power Plant
D. Nuclear Power Plant

In 2073 solar power is the main source of energy. The cities are covered by domes that let in the solar light with engineered night glows during the dark

6. The first color broadcast transmitted in New York. What network did it?

D. Westinghouse

In 2073 all entertainment is fed through a micro, a cube –like device that does everything through EVE.

7. Who hit the "Shot Heard 'Round the World"? National League playoff game that was won in the bottom of the ninth inning with a walk off home run.

A. Mickey Mantle
B. Bobby Thomson
C. Roy Campanella
D. Ralph Branca

In 2073, public entertainment consist of defector parades, those people put on display and humiliated for their decision to defect, that is to leave the cities and live in the outland. They are paraded through the streets to the Defector’s Gate where they are expelled naked, their implants, or identification ornament, purged. Other pubic entertainment takes place in an arena where crowds may witness a repatriation event or a signing of a familial contract. There is no marriage in the future, rather groups up to six who agree to form a family.

8. What was the average cost of a new car?

A. $1000.00
B. $1,500.00
C. $2000.00
D. $2500.00

In 2073, outlanders depend heavily on rovers, or hovercrafts that travel at high speeds. They are not permitted to use air shuttles. Only the wealthy can afford air shuttles or even allowed access outside the cities. There are some entertainment areas for nature walks within the walled area from the domed city to the outland called Subcity. But by and large, most citizens use public transport. Or arrange for private transport through transport services.

9. The first NBA All-Star game was played. What city played host?

A. Boston
B. Jacksonville
C. Philadelphia
D. Syracuse

In 2073, sport leagues are virtually non-existent.

10. What North African country gained its freedom from Italy?

A. Algeria
B. Libya
C. Morocco
D. Tunisia

In 2073, the world is governed by a global entity called the Constitutional Government, divided into 21 provinces. Most of the world is inhabitable. Those who agree to follow the Articles of Constitution, may abide in the domed cities and will marked by an implant. Those who refuse to abide by the articles may defect into the outland. The Western America outland is the most organized, consisting of an illegal subgovernment called The Network, an interlocking representation of six communities (formerly known as states) also linking hubs or smaller residential neighborhoods.

What do you think of the year 2073?

Answers: 1-c , 2-c, 3-b, 4-a, 5-d, 6-b, 7-b, 8-b, 9-a, 10-b

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